Utilizing the latest technologies in engineering and management sciences, and with its ISO 9001 and CE certified concept of quality at international standards, our Company shall always continue to follow innovative thinking and contemporary technologies.

SOM KARLAS produces quality spare parts for concrete pump and truck-mixers . The manufacturing product range essentially consists of Concrete Pump and Truck-Mixer parts. SOM KARLAS factory which covers an area of 6000 m² and we export more than 45 countries without compromising on quality and standards. Our customers satisfaction is priority for us. All the demands of the customers are very important for us. SOM KARLAS export department is highly experienced, adaptable and always take care of customers satisfaction.

Until today, the progress made in Turkey has been well received by the ready-mixed cement community.  By raising our quality on daily basis we advanced with sure steps toward our goal of being a sector leader nationally. We are living the pride of embracing the whole world.  Having begun as a atelier we have now attained the status of a plant complex and we shall continue on this path with the conviction of better, higher quality and direct-consumer focused service.  With your support and suggestions we shall hold light to the future, and we shall carry the principle of never ignoring the necessity of quality and responsibility of leadership.