• Fast supply of spare parts to the ready-mix sector without comprimising quality.
  • Acceptance of work force, technology, machinery, equipment and financial resources as its capital.
  • Quality control unit shall supervise component production at every stage of manufacturing and minimize risks.
  • Client satisfaction is the objective. In order to reach it, quality shall be at the forefront of our products and services. Always respect the environment and public.
  • Extensive client portfolio and our references attest to this.


  • Leadership in the market through continous improvement of quality,
  • Targeting the offer of best service to clients,
  • Continous control of calibrations and statistical assessments for autocontrol,
  • Manufacturing according to standards and uncompromising quality,
  • Offering best service in production,selling and technical support stages,
  • Products resistant to external physical and chemical effects, conforming to criteria,
  • To be a manufacturer who respects the environment and public.