Som Karlas sees Total Quality Management as an indispensible and fundamental approach.

Aiming to expand its market share by raising quality and productivity, Som Karlas sees client satisfaction as part of its quality policy and is sensitive in the areas of active participation of work force in management, motivation and improvement of communication.

In view of modern quality and customer satisfaction concept, Som Karlas continues its research and development activities with all required investments.

Our   Company  have   ISO 9001 Quality Certificate and CE  Certificate    Approved  by

Our  Quality Engineering team  is allways focused  for best  quality products  and to provide this, they assure quality  controls are made  during all  levels  like raw material,design, production,painting,packaging and shipment

In our  Quality Deparment we  make all  tests and  reqular controls  of  raw material and finished parts( life test,abbarssion  test,wear test, elongation test, hose pressure and  brust tests,thickness control,measurment control,paint control etc.)

 “Our goal is to be a preferred brand with our corporate culture, identity and capital structure.”

By taking client satisfaction as basis within the scope of legal statutes and standards:

• Informing clients and earning trust,
• Providing work-force satisfaction and safety,
• Within required delivery period, productively and economically,
• With respect to public and environment,
• Continous improvement and development,
• Mutually beneficial relationships with business partners and suppliers,
• To function in the sector as a continously developing brand.